About EA

Our Vision

To help transform the financial services industry into an arena where talented people of all and any backgrounds have an equal opportunity to excel to their full potential.

Our Mission

The EA’s mission is to bring the participation of talented people of color in the leadership and professional ranks of the financial services industry to parity with their share of the population.

Through EA’s efforts, it will no longer be a notable occurrence to have a large proportion of people of color in the leadership ranks in all the sectors of the financial services industry.

Important Features of EA

  • Membership by invitation
  • Consists of individuals with a proven commitment to excellence
    • E.g., through having a graduate degree and/or professional designation
    • Individuals who aspire to be the best and the brightest
      • Not just among people of color, but among all people
      • Not just in terms of technical skills, but as well-rounded human beings
  • Merit-based elite
  • Multigenerational community
  • Seeks to remove the obstacles to successful career performance through:
    • Providing access to the tools and resources to engender success
      • Soft skills training
      • Technical skills training
    • Exposure to and interaction with corporate and other leaders
    • Peer-to-peer support
    • One-on-one mentoring
    • Peer exchange group
    • EA branding
  • Based on member mutual advocacy
    • Self-interest plus altruism
  • Cultivation of media focus on issues relating to equity and inclusion in the financial services industry
  • Consists of individuals committed to lifelong learning, growth, and self-improvement
  • Administrative staff provides individualized career support and monitoring
  • Provides a template for EAs in other industries

Our Values: What We Stand For

  • A commitment to equity and fairness for all people

    • Talent is universal; opportunity is not. We seek to change that.
    • We’re not hypocrites. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The opportunity to excel should be open to all people
  • A commitment to hard work and excellent performance

    • We may not be able to fully control the provision of opportunity. We do however have more control over preparation.
    • Our members are committed to being the best prepared, most competent professionals in their chosen areas of expertise, and given the opportunity to participate strive to be a credit to the EA.

Meet Our Team

John McCoist

Business Development Manager

Sam Kromstain

Director of Product Management

Eva Savits

Administrative Accounting Assistant

Alan Smith

Software Developer