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Why EA

A Commitment to Equity and Fairness for All People

Talent is universal; opportunity is not. We seek to change that.

We're not hypocrites. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The opportunity to excel should be open to all people.

A High Caliber Network

We carefully structure mentoring circles to foster high caliber relationships with exceptionally experienced leaders.

We bring high quality talent together for peer counseling and topical events.

A Bias for Altruism and Generous Action

"it's about pulling everyone up".

We will do for others what we hope and expect others to do for us.

Ultimately, we want everyone to do well.

We Catalyze Progress

Our network accelerates our members’ opportunity for professional development. We strongly believe that the net effect of membership will more rapidly increase the participation of talented people of color in the leadership and professional ranks of the financial services industry.

We may not be able to fully control the provision of opportunity. We do, however, have strong control over preparation. Our members are committed to being the best prepared, most competent professionals in their chosen areas of expertise, and given the opportunity to participate strive to be a credit to our EA.

We want to make our own Luck. EA members take responsibility for being thoroughly prepared and competent. We ask the financial services industry to play fair and provide the opportunity for us to excel

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